What essential oil is best to help you feel less anxious?

It is likely that you have read articles about aromatherapy and its benefits to treat medical issues. There are a variety of essential oils in the market. Each one has been proven to assist in different areas of our daily lives. One of the essential oils that has been proven to help with anxiety is lavender essential oil.

Lavender Essential Oil

Essential oils of lavender are among the most popular aromatherapy options to treat anxiety. It has several anxiolytic properties. Anxiolytics are an assortment of medications like antidepressants and antihistamines. They are typically prescribed to treat anxiety-related problems. The essential oil of lavender is used in aromatherapy to create similar effects to the prescribed medications. There are other options to consider if you aren’t a fan of the scent of lavender or wish to test other scents.

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Citrus Essential Oil

Essential oils of citrus or orange can be utilized to produce a more powerful, but more stimulating, smell. It is a bit different than lavender essential oil because it enhances the mood and offers relief from anxiety. The combination of enhanced alertness and the relaxing effects of the anxiolytic properties ensures a calm, stable mood that can be utilized to meditate or for grounding. Be aware that essential oils of citrus may have a strong scent. It is possible to prefer a less pronounced scent.

Sandalwood Essential Oil

Essential oil of Sandalwood is among of the mildest scents available today. Sandalwood essential oils come from the roots of the east Indian Sandalwood tree. Also known as the Santalum or the Santalum . It is renowned for its earthy, warm scent and its the ability to reduce anxiety. It is applied topically or inhaled. Essential oils of Sandalwood and lavender essential oil have similar capabilities to ease anxiety. They also possess delicate scents. A majority of people are in agreement that Sandalwood aromatherapy is the most soothing.


There are over 12 essential oils which can be utilized to treat anxiety. These three suggestions are that are based on research and the popularity. It is essential to conduct your own research to determine the best treatment for your needs. People love the relaxing properties of citrus, sandalwood and lavender essential oils. Aromatherapy is a subjective process and it is possible to choose different essential oils. Contact us or stop by now to let our expertly educated staff assist you in finding the ideal essential oil to meet your requirements.

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