Mediatek G25 – High Performance Smartphone With Amazing Features


Mi 9A smartphone has been launched on 30th July 2021. The handset comes with an impressive 6.53 inch touchscreen display with an amazing resolution of 1920×1080 pixels and an antique aspect ratio of 19:9. Redmi 9A also comes equipped with two stereo earphones, a micro SD card, a dual SIM tray, a dock connector, a USB Type-C port, a 3.5mm headphone jack, a proximity sensor, a memory card, an alarm clock and a secondary control ring. Apart from these, the phone also has some unique features like water resistant features and an advanced user interface.

One of the unique features of the Redmi 9A smartphone is its dual camera module. The first of its kind, the dual camera unit allows the users to take both video clips and stills. This wonderful facility comes in very handy for those who love taking videos and doing photo shoots while out on a sunny day. The second camera is placed at the back of the handset and can be easily accessed using a sliding motion. This second camera also has a high definition screen which makes it even more attractive.

Another unique feature of the Mi 9A smartphone is its dual-tone multi-color screen. The entire back panel is painted in a metallic red color, which matches the metallic red color of the Mi 9A’s dual-tone front camera and dock connector. The dual-tone display of the phone is accompanied with an equally striking metal frame which can be easily spotted when the device is docked. The front face of the device has also been modified to incorporate a larger home button which is followed by the capacitive keypad and three icons. The other two icons stand for the standard options of playing audio and viewing the phonebook. Mi 9A

One of the best features of the Mi 9A that has made it so popular with the youth is its blue light feature. The blue light sensor located on the side of the handset is capable of detecting movement in dimly lit rooms. Thanks to this highly advanced feature, the young users can enjoy their games without having to worry about the time or their place. With the blue light sensor, the device will turn off only when it detects any sort of movement such as, people walking towards it, or small animals walking near it. With the 5000mah battery of the Mi 9A, you can be assured of an uninterrupted gaming session.

One of the biggest selling points of the Mi 9A smartphone is its dual SIM and microSD tray. With the help of these trays, the users can easily insert two SIM cards into the slots and use them to make local calls as well as send text messages to their friends. The microSD slot can be used for storing plenty of data such as photos and videos which can be easily accessed by the user without any hassle. Apart from the highly advanced dual SIM and microSD tray, the Mi 9A also comes with a high resolution f2.0 rear camera along with an attractive 6 mega pixel, clear camera lens.

With all the amazing features incorporated in the Mi 9A, the product has been considered as one of the most talked about Android mobiles. The Mi 9A also runs on the Gingerbread operating system, which is quite similar to android phones released earlier. Apart from all these amazing features, the Mi 9A comes at a cost of Rs 5400 which is quite reasonable when compared to other mobiles launched in the market. Due to this reason, many customers have expressed their desire to buy the mediatek g25 with the promise of high performance and durability.

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